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What to Do With Leftover Baby Muslin Blanket

It’s an exciting moment when you buy your first swaddle blankets. New mothers, in particular, tend to buy too much. By the time all the children outgrow their blankets you’re left in a dilemma of where to use the blankets on.

It would be a waste to throw away a good blanket. So what are the best ways to upcycle these blankets? Can you transform them into something better?

Having a hard time deciding what to do with them? Don’t worry we’re here to give you great ideas on reusing your baby blankets in the future. Read more below!

Making Good Use of Baby Blankets Your Children Have Outgrown

A muslin blanket is very useful for newborns and they also carry a lot of memories with them. What better way to reuse them than to turn them into something else useful? Here are some creative ways that you can transform your baby blankets into.

  1. Using Them as a Nursing Cover

Many baby blankets are breathable and comfortable to use. This is why using them as nursing covers is perfect. Your baby remains in the shade and still able to breathe well under the blankets. You also don’t have to worry about overheating.

  1. Turn Them Into a Quilt

Just as some parents may choose to turn their child’s old clothes into a baby clothes quilt, the same can be done with their old swaddle blankets. These can make them long-lasting and will definitely be a nice thing to take through a child’s adventures.

  1. Transforming Them Into Pillows

What better way to make full use of a baby blanket than making them pillows. These are very soft and stretchable blankets. They make good material for baby pillows. The great thing about this is your child can still use them years after.

  1. Using Them as Burp Cloths

You no longer have to worry about buying another burp cloth. Your baby blankets can do the same thing. You can save more and use a cloth that has a considerable size for ease of use.

  1. Using Them as a Cover on the Changing Table

The changing table is one of the busiest places your baby would be. These blankets are wide enough and can function as perfect covers. The more covers you have the better.

  1. Pajama Transformations

If you want to get creative with your blankets, turn them into pajamas. There are plenty of tutorials online about recreating baby blankets into cute pajamas! It saves you money in buying new PJs.

Save Time, Money, and Have Fun!

There are so many other baby projects you can do for your baby blanket. Sometimes, imagination is the limit. There are also many websites that can give you loads of inspiration, like these free baby quilt patterns, that you can use to transform the baby blanket into something pretty, and then re-use it elsewhere. If you know that your baby blanket is still in pristine condition, don’t hesitate to use them again.

Look up tutorials online, as well as DIY instruction blogs to find help. You’d find it surprising what a bit of sewing and a few stitching can do. Try various baby blanket DIY projects now!