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Timber for the outdoors

When buying timber we are advised against getting it wet or it could cause irreversible damage to the timber.

So why is it that we have timber decking, timber gazebos and even cladding that is exposed to the elements without it getting damaged?

Which types of wood have a higher resistance to decay?

To help prevent damage of wood from external use, you could choose a timber that is naturally resilient.

High Resistance: Cedar, European Oak, Idigbo, Ipe, Iroko, Black Walnut

Medium Resistance: Douglas fir, Larch, Sapele, Meranti

Preparation and Maintenance

Timber that is meant for outdoors needs to be prepared in a different way.

Wood purposed for outside needs to be protected with specific materials for the correct wood. Once you have applied all of the protective layers to your wood it can then be used outdoors.

Also, it is recommended that you re-protect your timber at least once every year depending on the use and weather of your area to prevent future damage.