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The Benefits To Gardening With Your Kids

We all want that one project that allows us to bond with our children. While there are many things we can do, getting them to help us with gardening is one that surprisingly works wonders. Aside from the fact that kids and dirt are a perfect match, there are several benefits to gardening with your kids. When we say gardening, we don’t mean mowing the lawn or weeding; that could be left up to lawn care specialists similar to Trugreen. We mean gardening, planting flowers, tending to fruits and vegetables, gardening that gets them down on their hands, knees, and getting stuck into the soil. Teaching your kids to tend to a garden is a skill that’s life-changing. Here are a few of the reasons why.

Gets them out of the house

Your child needs fresh air and sunshine just as much as your plants do. It provides them with a reason to stop sitting at home and watching tv. Spend time with your children in the great outdoors, and they’ll have lessons they cherish for a lifetime.

Their Voice Matters

Nothing is as important to a child as knowing their voices are being heard. Gardening is an activity that shows them that exactly. Point to a section of your backyard, sit down with your kid, and ask them what they want to grow. Spend time with them, take them to a garden centre such as Connon, and let them pick out their own plants. Once you give them the freedom to pick their own plants, they’ll start to learn that their opinion matters, and you’re taking it into account.

Teach your kids responsibility

Having a garden is a great way to teach your son or daughter responsibility. Teaching your children the importance of weeding, watering, and keeping their plot safe from pesky animals such as neighbourhood cats, will spill over into other areas that responsibility matters, such as with their room or pets.

Teaching your kids patience

Once your child has picked out their plants, and see their plants grow day in and day out, it teaches them the value of waiting for something special. One recommended approach is to keep a journal of their plants as they grow, that shows them see that progress takes time, but it does happen. Help them measure their plants, record the number of leaves, and make note of the first buds to make them aware of the daily changes.

Have a Healthier Summer

As the garden grows, the ground needs to be turned and weeds need to be pulled. All of this gets your child out in the fresh air and lets them get exercise which can be tough at a young age.

Gardening Also Grows Pride

One of the most important lessons to learn, is that nothing in life comes for free, and hard work pays off. That’s exactly what happens when you have a garden. There is nothing as special as seeing that something that you worked on, that you watered and that you planted, grow into something amazing. That’s feeling your child is going to feel is pride, something they’re going to feel instantly once they show off their beautiful garden to their friends. That smile can not be purchased anywhere. Instilling pride in our children is one of the most important things we can do. Gardening is a way to let them know that they can do anything they put their mind to.

Add Variety to Their Diet

When a child grows their own vegetables that they picked out, it’s much easier to get them to try new things at mealtime. They will be proud when they pick their own veggies, and fill their plate with things they grew on their own. Let’s face it, a carrot you give them will never be as exciting or taste as good as one they grow and pick all by themselves.

All these are benefits for your child, but don’t forget the bonding experience shared between a parent and a child. Gardens don’t just grow plants, but grow fond memories too.