I would like to talk about guest writing here on my site. Community is the heart of a website like this, written by a parent for parents. No matter how many articles I write myself, I can’t make a blog of value to a community by myself. I need other writers who are also parents to write with us. Only by sharing our different, unique perspective as parents can we inspire each other. If you are a parent or child and would like to write for my website, you can  use the contact form below or on the contact page. All you need to do is email me about your plan to write an article and we can discuss your post and the specifics of our deal.  If you submit a guest post to my blog, you’ll receive the sole credit for your work and be a featured article at the time of publishing.

What We Want to Write About

Do you think you have figured out something other parents just have to know? Has something been bothering you in your community lately? Is there something you think parents should talk or think more about? Please, share what you have to say! Our community is built from all of us and we want this to be the strongest community it can be. The more written perspectives we have, the more diverse and appealing our community becomes and the stronger it becomes. There are so many parents out there and they all have something to contribute from their lives with their children. Whether it’s a strategy for nutrition education or ways to involve your kids in those extracurriculars, there are parents who would love your help. Here is a list of article topics that I am interested in:

  • Food and Recipes
  • Lifestyle Tips
  • Home and Family
  • Household Related Topics
  • Gardening
  • Our Pets
  • Being a Parent
  • Kids Hobbies
  • Education
  • Kids and Teens
  • Pregnancy
  • Newborns
  • Toddlers
  • Blogging
  • Health and Medicine

If you choose to write for my website, but you aren’t sure if your post would neatly fit into one of these categories, please email me and we can talk about it. Afraid that what you want to talk about won’t fit at all? Don’t be! We can always talk about it and work on the idea, if need be. Writing and communication have never been easier and getting your work published to this site could be as close as an email away. Do you have any interest in writing a series of articles on many subjects or an in-depth look at only one or two? I’d be happy to include your works on my site, sometimes the best way to talk about something is with a long form approach. If you feel you aren’t the strongest writer we can work together to help you polish your ideas until you are comfortable with them being published as articles.

Ways to Get Started

If you think you might have something to contribute but aren’t sure where to start or are having trouble organizing your thoughts, consider the following areas. How do you get your children to eat healthy and appreciate healthy living? Maybe you have a system for getting your kids to try vegetables and fruit more than sweets and meat. How do you involve them in food prep? Do you have a plan for identifying when your child might be ready to start cooking and how to begin teaching them the basics of cooking and food safety. How do you balance life and family? What steps do you take to ensure you are taking care of yourself and your children? What do you do to balance parenthood and marriage? How do you navigate your relationships with individual children and the confusing feelings this can cause for them?

Balancing Your Time

Perhaps you make the time for individual activities with each child or teach them the importance of sharing. How to keep your house clean and cope when it’s a mess. Do you have your kids clean up after themselves as a part of playtime? When did you start having your children do their own laundry? How did you get your kids into gardening? What did you try to focus on as you taught them the basics? What are productive, meaningful hobbies for kids to enjoy? Did you try to learn the hobbies with them or emphasize self-discovery? Do you have children and pets and tips on cohabitating them? Do you have a particular way of dealing with your children when they are being uncooperative? How do you deal with bad behavior?

What Have You Experienced

If your children are school aged, maybe you could talk about how you decided on the right school for your child. Or what your boundaries are for helping them with their homework. How do you motivate your child for their education and success? Have you spoken with your child about their health and the possibility of serious illness? Maybe you have some insight to offer parents on this difficult topic. Are your children becoming adults? You might have something to offer other parents about transitioning from raising young kids to teenagers or teenagers to adults. Regardless of how long you’ve been a parent or how many children you’ve had, there is no right way to be a parent and we all benefit from having the most methods available to us.

Why You Should Join Our Team

It can be hard to keep up with the curve when you are raising kids and we want to help each other out for the growing generation. By hosting articles from different families we hope to create a resource for the information needs of all parents. We all have our interests, expertise and personalities as individuals and families. The wider our scope the more helpful we are. That means our children are better off and our jobs as parents gets easier as we become more informed and our communities improve as a result. So if you think you would want to write and publish your post here, please get in touch below and together we can inspire parents!

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