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A Simple Hack to Improve the Quality of Your Life

I suppose the justified, universal answer to the question “What’s the one thing you need to improve the quality of your life?” is indeed “money,” but how much enough? If you expand that particular thought then you’ll end up going a little bit crazy, because no amount will ever be enough, will it? There are many ways that people nowadays are trying to build on their finances, whether that is through taking on a second job or looking at what game app pays real money so they have that choice to try and earn extra cash.

So I’m not disagreeing with anyone, but since that’s something of a conundrum for the ages (how to make all the money you’ll ever need in your life), we have to try and find other ways of improving the quality of our lives without focussing too directly on making more money. If anything I totally agree, which is why I said it’s a universally justified answer…

So there’s one hack which you can apply in order to put yourself on the path to improving the quality of your life, which implies that you’ll be finding ways to make a little bit more money. This will be done sans greed though because a direct focus on the money will have the exact opposite effect of that intended. You’ll be so caught up in the process of trying to make more money that you’ll forget to actually spend that money on the things you wanted it for in the first place.

Monetise your life journey

It’s been said that life is a never ending educational journey and that is every bit as true. Every single last one of us is subjected to the hardships of what life has in store for us and every single last one of us gets to enjoy some of the joys which come with this life we live here on earth. The only difference between the two types of people in existence (people who enjoy a higher quality of life and those who don’t quite enjoy their time on this earth) is our approach to it.

Think about any crisis you came across today or in fact about anything in particular which you enjoyed. Did you spend money or did you make money. Those who enjoy a good quality of life find a way to make money out of everyday life experiences while the rest of us (although I’m working hard to join the other side of the fence) spend, spend, spend and then go to work to make more money so that we can repeat the cycle of spending.

It’s not even that hard to effectively monetise your life. All it takes is going on an endeavour to make each learning experience one which contributes more positively to your life in a manner which has you experiencing it once for the first time and then profiting from it over and over again.

To use my own personal example, through this here blog I share valuable information such as how to get rid of spiders in the home – information which amongst lots of other useful information isn’t monetised directly by me, but what it does is it makes my blog somewhat of a go-to source for some useful information people really need and can deploy practically.

That creates value in my blog which I can then capitalise on by perhaps showing a few ads, etc.

If you find a way to solve a problem you’re having then you can find a way to monetise the provision of the solution to that problem, in more ways than direct sales.