My name is Sasha Alison and I live in Liverpool with my amazing husband John. John and I met while I was teaching a local fitness class (it feels like a lifetime ago) and we hit it off right away. We bonded over our shared lifestyle and lifelong love of Liverpool. As our relationship grew we would go for hiking and climbing, dreaming about the life we could build together.

A few short years flew by and we were married with our first child, Alice, on the way. I gave up teaching classes to raise Alice so that John could run his own transport company. Not too long after Alice was born our son Richie came into the world. The first few years had their hardships, especially when John was at work. If I had a quid for every scrape or cough that we were lucky enough to forget about in a week, I’d be writing this blog from a mansion. But for every rough patch, real and imagined, there was so much more joy. Alice was always so smart, even as a toddler. She really grew into her role as big sister when Richie was born, helping take care of him and saving him from himself. Richie is always getting into trouble. He loves to explore new places and try new things.

As the kids got older they started to branch out and grow: Alice is falling in love with photography and takes the most amazing pictures. John and I always made sure to be as active as possible with the kids, we love how much joy Richie gets from playing soccer. We feel blessed that the two of them get along so well, with what you hear about sibling rivalries. From the beginning we taught them that the most important thing in their lives is each other. They may tease each other, but they challenge each other and it makes me so proud to watch them help one another grow. The two of them love exploring the city together and seeing what the world has to offer.

When John isn’t busy managing freight he spends every minute he has with the kids and I, having fun around the neighborhood on weeknights and going out on adventures on weekends. The enthusiasm he brings to fatherhood inspires me every day. From the camping trips he plans to the games he invents, he gives our children so much to learn from and enjoy. The more the kids grow the more we learn as parents, but there is so much we wish we had known going through the early years the first and second times.

It would have been so helpful to know what to spend my energy on to best help my family and what would end up being worth the worry. Ever since we began our life together as parents we have been trying to write down what useful things we could remember whenever we had the time to catch our breath. We hoped we could learn from our mistakes and our successes, we figured the best parents were parents who kept it smart and simple.

As the kids began to spend more time on their schoolwork I started to have more free time. John and I spent a few evenings a month for a while talking about everything we could remember and wrote down all the parenting tips we had to offer. With those notes I wrote my ebook: “Parenting 101: Becoming the Ideal Mommy”. I have learned so much raising our little loves, and wanted to share what I know with other parents.

I started this blog in 2013 to help promote my ebook and turn my goal of parents inspiring other parents into an ongoing journey. I want for this website to be a place where parents can learn from each other’s journeys in raising children in all walks of life. A place for us to share our experiences with keeping our kids healthy, happy and instill good values to prepare them for the lives they will grow up and build. Most importantly I hope this will also be a place where families can share in the joys their children bring to them every day.