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Picking Foods for Specific Health Benefits

There are several different ways to approach the idea of what diet works best for you and your family. But one way that’s rather popular is to choose the foods that you eat or cook with based on specific health benefits. In other words, in addition to just having a generally balanced and healthy diet, you can also choose individual foods that boost certain aspects of your constitution.

You can buy foods that are specifically good for your brain. You can eat foods that have particular vitamins and minerals in them that are good for your bones. Specific foods are good for your heart. And then others will specifically target your circulatory system in ways that are beneficial. Choosing sets of nutrition from each of these categories will round out your dietary plans.

Brain Health

Especially if you have young, developing children, you want to give them food to optimize their brain health. Young minds don’t just need to study and read. They also need nutritive factors that help them develop their brain capacity. Ultimately, it is a combination of factors that will improve academic performance and brain function, and nutrition plays a big part of this.

Bone Health

For people who are getting a little bit older, there is always a concern that bones become less healthy. That’s why you can potentially eat foods or take supplements that help with bone health. The big vitamin you always hear about is calcium. If you don’t eat enough foods with calcium, or you don’t take calcium supplements, your bones will essentially become brittle. This means that they can break more easily or that you can feel more pain when subject to normal wear and tear. Athletes have to be particularly careful about their bone health as well because one wrong move can ruin a career. Women in the postmenopausal stage should also be careful to ensure that they get enough nutrients to support bone health, and should consider taking supplements such as Ostera and appropriate nutrient-rich foods to promote healthy and strong bones.

Heart Health

You aren’t going to feel good if you don’t have a healthy heart. And that’s why your diet should keep heart health in mind. There is even a significant amount of advertising that goes into individual products to suggest that they are specifically healthy for your heart. Certain breakfast cereals come to mind quite readily.

Circulatory Health

Do you have cold hands or feet? Does your heart occasionally feel like it’s working hard to pump blood to all of your extremities? If so, it might be time to consider adding food to your diet that will help with your circulation. In addition to range of motion exercises and other fitness routines, there are a number of foods that help with your circulatory regulation. Talk to your doctor about anything specific, but recognize that feeling lousy because of bad circulation will create a definite hit on your lifestyle or that of your family’s.