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Scientists cook up self-cleaning kitchens

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Scientists have come up with the ultimate dream kitchen — one which is capable of self-cleaning and destroying bacteria without a hint of soap or sprays.

Spending time with toddlers helps elderly fight dementia

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Experts have come up with an invigorating tonic for the elderly – a toddler.

How to occupy your kids this summer

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Outdoor-learning schemes make kids happier and fitter. Why aren’t there more of them?
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Blooming lovely. The hot garden trends

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Traditional flowers are back in fashion, as are pods, fairy lights and firepits

Leave your termtime persona at home and connect with your teens this summer

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My voice is a whisper because whenever I say something sensitive about one of our four children, the one I’m talking about always accidentally hears it. “I

Child cancer patients are the victims of ‘unfair’ drug prices

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In October 2013 Aifa, Italy’s medicines agency, received an ultimatum: it had three months to agree to price rises of up to 2,100 per cent for five

Spring cleaning — my Not Good Housekeeping guide

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This is the time for spring cleaning. You can’t escape it. Spring cleaning tips here, spring cleaning tips there.

Family: how to deal with a lying teenager

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Every parent knows that teenagers fib. Lying is normal boundary testing that happens as children grow up (or “individuate” as an American dad once described the adolescent

The spring garden makeover guide

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The latest floral and furnishing trends for your backyard
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Сan a 15-year-old look after a six-year-old alone?

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This summer, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before: something I’m both nervous and excited about. I had to find out if it was legal