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New Year Vinyl Planning

If you now work from home and find it tough to separate work and home life, you probably want to instigate a change over the next few months as things get brighter. Stuck indoors for longer staring at the same four walls, ceilings and most importantly floors, really fuels your desire to change up your home.

As it is the start of the new year, maybe you can start from where you will take your first steps and change your current flooring to something that makes you happy in sight and mind. This is where luxury vinyl flooring (LVT) becomes your best investment.

What is it?

Luxury vinyl flooring is highly popular for homeowners wanting to embrace that back to nature look to their home, and it’s hard to argue with its beautiful dark and light wood range instantly giving your home that required character.

Why are people attracted to the prospect of vinyl flooring and its many options? Surely part of the answer falls into the sheer quality and quantity of ranges available are indistinguishable from the real thing and a hell of a lot cheaper and easier to install and maintain.

Homeowners that choose vinyl for their home see it as a nice little project to undertake whilst stuck in the house, with homes given a new injection of life over such brands as Karndean Click vinyl flooring to give a sense of achievement in restyling your home.


Individual planks and tiles are an incredibly cheap alternative over real wood or stone which also can wear and chip over time. Replacing an individual tile or plank of vinyl is straightforward and not disruptive to the rest of your floor. Disposing of any seriously scratched tile or plank is a simple task that also reduces waste.

The best part of the safeguard attributes of luxury vinyl flooring is the ease in keeping your floor how it should be. You don’t need to fork loads of money out on expensive stain removal chemicals and hours of TLC on your LVT. With extensive anti-stain, anti-scratch and 100 per cent moisture-resistant mini-layers within each tile or plank coming into play, you can clean within seconds with a quick mop and warm soapy water – usually mixed with household vinegar – to retain its freshly laid shine all year round.

Better Value Flooring

Why not give yourself an early treat for the year and give your home the makeover it deserves. Make your home style stand out whilst you stand on luxury vinyl flooring.

Vinyl is the number one selection for homes that see excessive foot traffic due to changes in living and working conditions, providing you with a strong floor that is easy to keep clean for many years ahead.