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Feeling the Beat: Select the Best Headphones for Your Kid by Following These 5 Tips

Since your kids are probably not experienced or tech-savvy enough to pick a good pair of headphones, assisting them with it goes a long way towards making a purchase that will keep them happy and last for years to come. But what if you’re not exactly tech-savvy yourself? No problem! We’ve prepared these 5 helpful tips to help you along the way:

  1. Comfort is probably a top priority 

Since the young ones spend a considerable amount of time in front of the computer screen these days, getting kids headphones with a high comfort level is one of the most important factors to consider. The best way to pick something suitable is by taking your kids to the store and have them try out a couple of models. However, it’s best to leave them on for a couple of minutes, since this is the point where things may start getting uncomfortable – trying them or for a mere couple of seconds won’t cut it. If they find something they like, there’s no need to buy from the store; you can always order them online if you can get a better deal by doing so.

  1. Headphone safety will protect their ears 

You might wonder how headphone safety plays a role in your decision, and the reason is pretty simple: by getting a pair of headphones with a predetermined maximum value, you’ll make sure that nothing will ever damage your kid’s eardrums. You’d be surprised how tempting it is for them to discover their favorite tune and blast it like no tomorrow, with the slider turned all the way up.

  1. Getting a durable pair will ensure that the purchase lasts for a long time 

Since headphones are in use so much these days, if you get a cheap or thin plastic frame to hold them together, they’re probably not going to last very long. Many people think they’re going to save money by cheaping out on their purchase, but more often than not, the opposite ends up being the case. Cheap models are often made from cheap components, and one of the most common problems with them that the cord can easily get frayed.

  1. Portability will ensure that you can take them with you no matter where you go 

Do you frequently run out of room to stash things when packing for a family trip? Then consider getting something portable. Of course, your kid may very well prefer to have something chunkier, so finding some common ground will probably be essential in this case. As an added bonus, if your kid likes to listen to music while on the way back home from school, portable headphones are bound to come in handy.

  1. Aim for a balance between price and quality 

No extreme end of the spectrum is ever a good idea. If you get a cheap pair of headphones, they could fall apart at any minute, but get something expensive, and chances are your kid won’t even appreciate or need it. So just pick something that offers great value for the money paid, and you can hardly go wrong.


These 5 tips should get you going in the right direction and allow you to pick a set of headphones your kids will enjoy. If you’re still unsure, just read a couple of reviews online, and see what other people like before making the final decision.