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Education Is the Key That Opens All Doors: 12 Simple Ideas to Keep Your Grade Schooler Motivated

Whether your children have been around horses before, or they only dream about being around horses, all kids have a tender spot for horses. Going back to school does not necessarily mean that your precious little one has to forget all about their love for horses. Getting them a horse themed gift will not only get them overly excited, but it will also keep them motivated in their schoolwork. The phrase that ‘it is the thought that counts’ really works when you get your child a horse themed gift; it lets them know that you actually celebrate their accomplishments.

With the millions of gift shops available, it is tricky to get a specific one with unique gift ideas. Had it been a high school student who was in his or her last term of school, you might have been able to offer them unique options, like a customized jacket from their dream university, like Penn State University. A number of online stores, such as Jostens, can help customize such gifts. However, when it comes to gifting a grade-schooler to keep them motivated, you might need to come up with unconventional ideas. One that meets your specificities, given that you want the gift to be as unique as possible. The Horse Gift shop has got you covered when it comes to shopping for a horse themed gift, just check it out! There are several gifts ideas that your child can love; here are 12 such simple ideas:

  • Beverage Containers
  • Horse Themed Lunch Boxes
  • A Vintage Horse Racing Poster
  • Lamp
  • Backpack
  • Horse themed Socks
  • Pencils and Erasers
  • Notebooks
  • Folders
  • Sterling Silver Horseshoe Earrings
  • Infinity Horse Scarff
  • Blingy Horse Beaded Bracelet

Let us briefly describe each of these gifts to details to make it easier for you to make a choice on the gift:

  1. Beverage Containers

Get your kid a horse themed water bottle, and Let them flaunt their passion for horses. We all agree that staying hydrated is important, but it can be fun at the same time. There is nothing that feels as good as taking a drink from a bottle that you treasure. Your child will have this same experience and he or she will enjoy each sip from the water bottle. Each time they remove the water bottle, it reminds them of their favorite animal. This will encourage them to drink even more of the beverage, keeping them as hydrated as you want them to be. Such a water bottle is easier to spot among others, thus losing it will not be as easy.

  1. Horse Themed Lunch Boxes

In the case where your kid carries lunch from home, it is a brilliant idea to get him or her a horse themed lunch box as opposed to a plain one from the local stores. In most cases, students socialize at lunch. Your child’s unique horse lunch box will be an amazing conversation starter. Horses are loved or rather adored by most; as such most of his or her peers will have something to say.

  1. A Vintage Horse Racing Poster

Spice up your child’s room with an awesome Vintage Horse Racing Poster. Vintage style has become quite trendy of late. Vintage almost always stays in fashion. A cool horse themed poster would be a brilliant idea. Place it strategically such that it is the first thing your kid sees when they wake up. Seeing their favorite animal lifts their mood and keeps them enthusiastic all day long.

  1. Lamp

You can decide to get your kid a fantastic and well-designed bedside horse themed bedside lamp. It allows your child to express their love for horses in a subtle way. Seeing it just before bed and after waking up keeps them elated all day.

  1. Backpack

For any horse lover, there is no better way to flaunt their love for horses than displaying it on their backpack. Other items may be hidden or rather tucked away, but a backpack is seen by pretty much everyone at school. A bag offers much space to work with, thus you can even display show jumping on it!

  1. Horse themed Socks

Gifting someone with a pair of socks often seems as though you did not put in much effort in your choice of gifts. This is not the case with horse themed socks. Make it better by getting those colorful ones. The kind that keeps your child jovial and in high spirits.

  1. Pencils and Erasers

As they head back to schools, some tools such as pencils and erasers are some that your child can’t do without. Let them get to class well prepared and in style as such by getting them horse themed stationary.

  1. Notebooks

All through the year, your child will be using numerous notebooks. No better way to show off their passion for horses than getting themed notebooks. A repeated pattern or large outdoor scenes can fit perfectly on a notebook’s cover. If they are not feeling like completing some assignment, the notebook will give them just the right motivation.

  1. Folders

Your child will need several of these; at least one for each class. Let them express their admiration for horses by getting them horse themed folders.

  1. Sterling Silver Horseshoe Earrings

A horse is not complete without its shoes; any horse lover knows this. Surprise your daughter with this precious jewelry to complete her look and have her go back to school in style.

  1. Infinity Horse Scarff

Keep your child warm as they go back to school by getting her a unique horse themed infinity scarf. It will constantly remind them of you and they will feel your love even when you are not with them at school.

  1. Blingy Horse Beaded Bracelet

Boost your daughter’s sense of style by getting her this horse themed blingy bracelet. Let her show off her love for horses and stylish nature all at the same time. This beautiful piece of jewelry comes in a beautiful shade of turquoise, an ideal choice for any little girl.

Finding the perfect gift can be quite daunting, but once you get it right, it adds all the sentimental message you want it to convey. Horse themed gift ideas are definitely something you should get your loved one, especially on if they are going back to school. It gives them the motivation they need, reminds them of your undying love for them and allows them to show everyone their passion almost effortlessly.