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Paternity leave — use it or lose it

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Men should be offered “use it or lose it” father’s leave, paid at a generous rate, to ensure they take off a substantial amount of time with

Telling mothers-to-be not to drink ‘is wrong’

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Official advice to abstain from alcohol during pregnancy is overly cautious and sexist, academics claim.

Pregnant women still denied scans

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A lack of access to crucial ultrasound scans for pregnant women across Ireland has not improved in more than a decade, a study has found.

Toddlers in juice ban as nurseries tackle obesity

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Fruit juice will be banned as a routine drink for children in nurseries under new guidelines. Recommended menus will aim to cut the sugar consumption of toddlers

Pussy power! How to make your cat do what you want

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Scientists concluded this week that cats are as clever as dogs. Behaviour expert Dr Sarah Ellis explains how to use their intelligence to fix common feline problems

Smugglers wrap newborn puppies in clingfilm for 30‑hour journey

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Under-age puppies are being brought into Britain without proper vaccinations and health treatment because of the demand for fashionable breeds.