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Can Karndean Add to My Kitchen Design Plan?

If you are a person who loves their kitchen, you no doubt take a great amount of pride in keeping it up to date and fashionable. It is no longer just the place to make food, it is the home hub spot.

It may double as your workplace in the house that you have a responsibility to keep on top of and adding to its calm relaxing atmosphere is clean worktops, matching appliances and up to date design trends.

If you replace decor and fixtures whenever you feel they are a bit outdated, current trends are always going to be on your must-have list. If you are currently considering a change in your kitchen design, here are some tips to satisfy.

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Efficiency in Storage

We like to ensure that every area of the kitchen is utilised, especially if it is a smaller space.

This can be done by installing cabinets along one wall and tall wall units for narrow rooms, and for wider kitchens, you can install the current craze of a breakfast bar or island which, with the help of bar stools from somewhere like Belleze Furniture, provides great seating if you wish to get rid of the clunky table that can tend to become a clothes horse. An island feature also includes plenty of extra storage for pots and pans or other utensils scattered through drawers.

In installing these areas and potentially requiring a lot of work to be done, you can have a luxury vinyl flooring layer on your floor so that any severe damage can be replaced in small sections at a relatively cheap price instead.

Gourmet kitchen features white shaker cabinets with marble/onyx countertops, stone subway tile backsplash, double door stainless steel refrigerator and gorgeous kitchen island. Northwest, USA

Downdraft Extractors

Homeowners have been in the market for downdraft extractor systems that remove odours and vapours at the source, and it has seen an increase in being installed in new builds as standard.

Popular with those with open-plan kitchen spaces, these allow for a greater design emphasis as well as safeguarding against odours within the air. It also means that if you do choose Karndean click vinyl flooring, the tile will not be affected by any rise in temperature and flooring planks or tiles will not come loose or suffer damage.

Dual Tone Kitchens

Keeping kitchens consistent in design or colour tone has faded out in favour of more eclectic design options.

Combining colours and designs to achieve a pleasing aesthetic is extremely popular moving forward, and it can add dimension to your kitchen. By having dark units with lightwood flooring, you could show a real duality to your surroundings that looks special and provides real energy to the room. By including a few interior features like a chandelier, hanging lights, perhaps a neon blue sign, and wall art, you can achieve an impressive kitchen with unique elements. You can even mix and match vinyl flooring tiles or planks into separating patterns or use abstract designs to create a seamless mix of tones.

There are plenty of design options at a cheaper price through luxury vinyl flooring, and your supplier can help to showcase a look and style through technology and apps. In choosing Karndean click vinyl flooring, you have a great product to support your shift into the next design phase for your kitchen.