Here at we have advertising space available to sell to your company for your products and services. My husband and I are always happy to offer our website’s ad space to good businesses looking to advertise their brand. Our website has been so great for us and very helpful in getting the word out there about my book, “Parenting 101: Becoming an Ideal Mommy”. We want to help to return the favor by selling reasonably priced ad space on this website. Interest in my book has never been higher with the over 11,000 unique visitors that come to our site a month, purchasing ad space on our site could do the same for your brand. Thousands of parents a month come to this website and they could all see what you have to offer along the way. As a parent I will always keep my eyes open for products and services that could make a positive impact in my childs’ life or to save me some time in doing the same. So many of the parents that have reached out to me have done so looking for the kind of product information good advertising can provide. Hoping that either I or one of my readers have had an experience that could help them make the right choice for their child. By letting us bring you to an ever growing community of dedicated and resourceful mothers and fathers, we can help you grow your brand significantly. With thousands of visitors a month, we receive a lot of views and in turn a lot of word-of-mouth buzz that could greatly increase your brand exposure.

What We Bring to You

We have a very narrow but strong and versatile demographic to target here, parents from all walks of life and with a wide array of needs visit this site. One thing they all have in common, beyond parenthood, are the connections this site offers. Whether one of our visitors has a baby on the way or is seeing their youngest off to college, we represent parents in all stages of life. All of whom are dedicated to their children and to their families as a whole. If you think you have a product that could appeal to them we would love to help you reach them and meet their needs. Since we cater to parents and kids in all walks of life, our visitors and guest authors have a wide variety of needs and interests. Through this site people meet and share what they know and have to offer, we would happily welcome your business into that network. We would love to help support your business rather than sign away our ad space wholesale.

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We believe in keeping this site and the space it represents wholesome and family-friendly, and supporting like-minded business owners is the best way to keep in line with that vision. If you think you think you or your business could find clients among our audience, please do not hesitate to contact us.  My husband and I want to create the most fulfilling and wholesome environment we can at this site as we grow it towards new and exciting goals. You and your business could become an integral part of that growth. If you let host your advertisements I think we could do a lot for each other, together. We have space and reach, we could bring you clients and repeat business.

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