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6 No Fuss Indoor Activities For Kids On a Rainy Day

Entertaining kids on sunny days is usually pretty straightforward and simple.  You have a wide range of options which give them the chance to run around in the open air and burn off steam.  From going to the park to having a picnic, to going to the beach, there are all sorts of things to do when the weather is favorable.

When the bad weather hits, however, and the rain starts pouring down, it can start to become a little more complicated to entertain them indoors.  Sure you can go on Pinterest and find all sorts of activities which are nothing short of complicated calculus equations to accomplish.  However, for those parents who don’t always have 15,000 pipe cleaners and 27 tubes of glitter lying around, here are some of the simplest indoor activities which are still completely entertaining.

Bubble Bath

Bubble baths are one of those timeless fun activities which people of all ages enjoy.  Filling the tub full of sudsy glee opens children’s imaginations to create an entire alternate universe in the bathroom.

Don’t have any bath toys? No problem.  The funny thing about kids is that they often love the things which aren’t meant to be toys the most.  Find a few plastic bowls and cups and throw them in the bath. They can imagine they’re boats and that the bottles of shampoo are pirates.

Watch Movies

Putting on a film is something which will keep a child entertained for a good chunk of time.  In this modern age, parents can simply turn on a streaming site such as Netflix and have hours and hours of entertainment at the tip of their remote control.

Bake Cookies

Everyone loves cookies, especially on a rainy day!  Throwing together a batch and letting them participate in laying them all out on the pan is a great one on one activity with them.

It teaches them work and patience, and the most important part, the delicious reward at the end!

Play Boardgames

Pull out those board games gathering dust in the back of the closet!  Not only will this activity entertain the little ones, but you’ll have a good time too!

Parents can be so focused on trying to get everything done for the household, that they tend to forget how to play and have fun themselves!

Read Books

Kids can get so wrapped up in tablets and screens that they don’t know the joys of losing yourself in a good story.

Unlike a movie, a book transports your mind to an entirely new world created entirely by your own imagination.  Grab a pile of books and read out loud while drinking hot cocoa and show them the joys of literature. Rainy weather paired with a reading session can also make for the perfect opportunity to reinforce any relevant lessons which form part of your child’s official academic curriculum, so you can collaborate with a tutor to go through one or more of these lessons together with your child as a way to get more involved with their education. Lessons learned in this way are often retained better.