5 Super Simple Dress Up Ideas for Toddlers

If you have a little one that is obsessed with all things dress-up, you know that it’s important to be stocked up on items to keep make-believe play exciting. Whether she’s all about feeling like royalty and dressing as a princess or channeling her inner animal, you want to keep her dress-up corner full of fun items for playtime. Take a look at our favorite dress-up ideas for toddlers!

1. Comfortable Princess Dresses

Source: Presley Couture

We’ve all had to deal with those obnoxious, itchy princess dresses that our little ones can barely put on by themselves. Bypass that mess by stocking up on these soft, comfortable princess dresses for girls. Easy for your little girl to put on and take off, these princess dresses are durable enough for hours of play and are inspired by all of her favorite Disney princesses. She won’t want to take them off!

2. Here to Save the Day

Source: Tip Junkie

Who doesn’t love playing the good guy and saving the day? Finding a set of superhero masks made of felt material and some simple capes that velcro around the neck is a simple way to help bring their superhero fantasies to life. Some wristbands with coordinating colors can easily top off the look.

3. It’s a Zoo!


Whether they’re obsessed with pretending to be a dinosaur or getting in touch with their inner kitty cat, investing in a handful of animal-themed dress-up items will definitely prove to satisfy. Get a set of animal ear headbands and some silly animal noses to take animal make-believe play to the next level. And don’t ever get rid of those animal Halloween costumes! Get as much traction as possible out of those animal outfits.

4. Career Day

Source: Etsy

What better way to help your little ones believe they can be anything than to start with dressing up for their dream job? Having an assortment of items for varying occupations can prove to be an incredible addition to their dress-up collection. A white doctor’s coat, chef’s hat, construction worker’s vest, and a fireman’s helmet would all be good items to include for a diverse afternoon of playtime.

5. You Can Fly

Source: Pinterest

Perhaps one of the most classic dress-up items in the book is a set of wings. Whether they’re fit for a fairy, perfect for pretending to be a butterfly or ideal for a beautiful bird, I think we can all agree that a couple of pairs of wings are a must-have for the playroom. Help their imaginations fly with these easy dress-up pieces.

It’s Playtime!

Creating a magical treasure trove of dress-up items doesn’t have to be over the top, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Take a moment to consider what would mean the most for your little ones and the things that they would enjoy, and stock up on what is going to bring their make-believe visions to life.