Being a Parent

5 Parent and Child Dates that Can Make a Difference

Many struggle daily to get all of the “to do’s” done and make time for the little ones. While we are pushing constantly to try and obtain everything perfectly, sometimes, we don’t get the time that is needed to be with our children. If we set aside one day to plan accordingly, we can make a difference with our children and get the time needed to spend with them. Below are 5 parent and child date ideas that make a difference.


Yes, it seems cliché, however, these moments of eating, listening, and talking can mean a lot to a child. These are the moments of which they would be likely to look back on and say “Hey! Remember that time….” Don’t worry if your first picnic doesn’t work perfectly. Go with the flow. Nothing will be perfect, but that moment and that memory will be.

Visit a Riverside or Creek

So many benefits come from visiting a riverside or creek. Both you and child can get a sense of peace and learn a few things as well. Whether your child is older or you have a small baby, this is something that can be done. Take a day, bring the best pack n play for a baby or fishing pole for an older child, and spend it listening to the amazing soothing sounds of the water.

Bike Riding

When you have a little one, chances are, they want to go do great things. Many times you have toddlers learning how to ride a bike for the first time. Take that time, even if they are on training wheels, to go bike riding. Those few laps will make a tremendous impact.

National Park

Take a day at a local national park. Give your child the ability to play their heart out and also give you time to connect with your child. Their questions will peak and your conversations will become a learning lesson and quality time spent. Of course, they also get to “travel” and see the world that is so big.

Community Event

Everywhere at some time there is a community event. Not only does this give you quality time with your child but you also get to use it as a learning tool. This also allows the ability to do something in your community. The quality time spent here can make a lifelong impact that could in fact change the future of your child.