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4 Traits Of a Happy Family

It doesn’t take a lot of observation to know a happy family when you see one.  They seem to genuinely enjoy each other and have fun no matter what.

While some families seem to tolerate each other, a happy family sincerely wants to spend time with one another and may even opt to spend time together rather than with friends.  Even though it may look appealing, you may not be sure how to achieve it yourself, so you assume they must just be lucky.

However, a happy family is something that anyone can have. It’s all a matter of knowing what it takes to get there, and putting it into practice.  When it comes to the most common traits of families who consider themselves happy, here are the ones that stand out most.

Open Communication

A happy family doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t have their obstacles or haven’t gone through various challenges.  Some happy families are even separated.  They’ve found a way despite going through the process of divorce to be able to see past the challenges and still maintain their love for each other.

In order to do this, you should be willing to have a conversation which put everything on the table.  Talking openly about how you all feel is crucial if you want to be able to grow a strong bond.  Only by being honest and vulnerable can you truly build a connection which is unbreakable.

Eat Dinner Together

Throughout history, many cultures have shown us that eating together as a family isn’t just a fun activity, but it can actually bring you closer together.

It’s a ritual which encourages conversation and being present for each other regardless of how busy your day is.  

Families who make a point of eating together at least once a week are much more connected and enjoy each others company.

Have Tradition

Tradition is something which will give families a sense of purpose.  Children love traditions from a young age since it gives them something to look forward to.

Traditions can be just about anything from watching a movie every Sunday, to always having Christmas at Grandma’s house.  Ultimately tradition is meant for anticipating something happening regularly which you all appreciate and look forward to.

Respect Each Other

Usually, families are full of various personalities and even values.  However, not everyone in the family has to see things the same way in order to feel happy with each other.

The most important is to respect each other regardless of your differences and hear everyone in your family out.

Once you are able to appreciate your differences and learn from each other, you’ll be able to build a solid foundation and love each other deeply.