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4 Ideas for Separating Spaces In Your Home

For as much as you might say that you enjoy togetherness at home, there’s a lot to be said for keeping certain spaces separate in your household as well. It might take a little bit of creativity to make that happen. But, with a little bit of brainstorming, you should be able to figure out ways to physically or at least mentally move one type of space away from another.

So what are a few of these ways that you can get started with this idea? You could potentially put in some partition walls in open areas. You could create a finished basement to separate a playroom from the living area. You could creatively use fabric to separate spaces. And, if necessary, you could put things on separate floors, for example, the bedrooms of your children.

Partition Walls

For a semipermanent solution for separating spaces, consider putting in partition walls in open areas of your home. In most cases, people aren’t going to have large enough spaces to require this sort of separation, but there will be outliers. For example, if you have a gigantic living room, then it would make sense to have a set of partitions of if you wanted to turn one space into an office and leave the other with your entertainment center and furniture. You can then decorate your designated office space with suitable furniture to replicate a work environment. You can begin your search for the ideal furniture through companies like office monster, including desks, chairs and storage solutions.

Creating a Finished Basement

There’s also the idea of creating a separate space for a game room. In this case, think about finishing your basement. By having this finished area, you can essentially separate game room activities from living room or dining room activities. It does have the potential to cost a fair amount of money to finish your basement completely, but the results are probably going to be amazing, and that means you always have this extra space to work with in the future.

Creative Use of Fabric

Another way to approach the idea of separation of spaces through the creative use of fabric. As an example, think of what it would look like to put fabric up where a doorway should be. Instead of having a physical block that you have to open with the handle, instead, you just brush the material away and enter. This has a chance for some really interesting aesthetics as well as the practical applications.

Putting Things on Separate Floors

A final idea when it comes to keeping different elements of your home separate would be to put certain things or even people on different floors. For example, if you have two children that don’t get along particularly well, it might not be a bad idea to have one bedroom on the ground floor in the other bedroom on the second floor. This is always an option if there’s too much tension putting two physical spaces together because of the proximity of the occupants.