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3 Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained When You’re At An Appointment

During your normal life, you can find easy enough ways to keep your children entertained and not constantly making messes or being crazy. But if you have something going on that you need your children to be well-behaved for, it seems like that’s always the time that they decide to act like animals. So when you have something that you can’t get out of, like an appointment at the doctor’s office or service being done on your car, what can you do to ensure that your children will sit still and not act like terrors? To show you how this can be done, here are three ways to keep your kids entertained when you’re at an appointment.

Download Some Go-To Apps

While you might be one of the many modern parents trying to limit their children’s screen time, being at an appointment or otherwise needing your child to sit quietly is the perfect time to take advantage of these conveniences. To relieve some of your guilt by having your child entertained by your phone or tablet, Armin Brott, a contributor to Very Well, advises that you download some educational or kid-friendly apps. By having these apps ready for when you get to your appointment, you’ll be able to ensure that your kids are entertained by something that’s helping them learn rather than just rotting their brains.

Bring Snacks

If you have kids who love to eat and snack, this can be a great way to help your kids stay in their seats and keep their mouths occupied. However, if you choose to go this route, Heidi Murkoff of What To Expect, recommends that you pick snacks that won’t be too messy or loud. This means you might want to leave the yogurt or chocolate at home for a reward if your kids do well during the appointment. But by bringing snacks or treats that you know your kids love, they’ll feel like going to this appointment with you is special and enjoyable for them, which may help them behave better.

Learn Some “Waiting Games”

For the times when you’ll be spending an unknown amount of time waiting with your kids, you might want to learn some good “waiting games” that you can teach your child and play with them to help keep them entertained. According to Susan Solomon Yem, a contributor to, some games you might want to brush up on include Dots and Boxes; I Spy; thumb wrestling; and rock, paper, scissors. These waiting games are all well self-contained and will help keep your child quiet and still, which is exactly what you want when you’re having to sit and wait during an appointment.

If you’ll be taking your kids to an appointment soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you all be prepared for however long you’ll have to be waiting.