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3 Tips for Preparing Your Family To Move

Moving your family from one home to another can be quite the ordeal. From getting your home ready to sell to finding a new home and then going through the whole process of physically moving, it’s no wonder that people often dread moving more than any other life change. And especially if you have children who will be impacted by this, it can be even more challenging to emotionally and physically make it through this time. So to help make this transition happen as smoothly as possible for you, here are three tips for preparing your family to move.

When To Break The News

Depending on the age of your children, the time in which you break the news of your intended move will vary. According to Caroline Schaefer, a contributor to Parents.com, you should ideally tell your young children about a month in advance. This will give them time to come to terms with the idea of change but not enough time to cause them anxiety. With older children, they’ll often appreciate being told of your plan as soon as possible. Especially if you’ll have potential buyers coming into your current home to walk through, you’ll want your kids to be aware of this change in routine.

Create A Moving Budget

Not only can moving be stressful on your nerves, but it can also cause stress to your budget. While you might think that moving wouldn’t be an expensive task, there’s a lot that comes along with moving your family that can actually cost you a pretty penny. To keep these costs in check, Diane Schmidt, a contributor to TheSpruce.com, advises making a moving budget. In this budget, plan for things like packing materials, moving trucks, physical assistance with moving heavy items, shipping, hotel rooms and more. This budget can help you ensure that you’re not spending more than you should on the actual process of moving. Be sure to consider which appliances will need replacing when you’re moving home and put this into your moving budget. Checking sites like Only Reviews can reduce the amount you end up spending on fitting your new home.

Consider Getting Rid of Unused Items

Because moving the possessions of multiple people can be a big chore, you may want to consider getting rid of some of your unused or unnecessary items before you start packing for your move. To get your kids involved in this, Katherine Neer, a contributor to How Stuff Works, recommends allowing your kids to sort through the toys or clothes they no longer use and either donate them or hold a garage sale. It may be fun for your kids to see how much money they can make selling their items and then using that money to decorate or better settle into their new room at your new home.

If you have plans to move with your family soon, use the tips mentioned above to help make this process go smoother.