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3 Tips for Encouraging Your Kids To Be More Active

In today’s world of ever-abundant technology, it can be easy for both kids and parents to stay inside all day and not take advantage of all the active possibilities the world has to offer. Because of this, there is also an overabundance of obesity that’s plaguing kids and adults the world over. To fight against this, it’s important that everyone spends at least some time each day being active and moving their bodies. If your child does not have a sport they play already, you can get them to try out various ones and see which is the most enjoyable for them. When they have decided they can get more info on the sports equipment that they will need to take part in so they can have hours of endless fun outside not inside. Once you’ve developed a more sedentary habit with your kids, it can be hard to go back from that. So to help those parents who want their kids to be healthier, here are three tips to help you encourage your kids to be more active.

Start Limiting Screen Time

The first step in helping your kids to become more active is to begin limiting their screen time. If kids are allowed to spend too much time watching TV, playing video games, or being on the computer or tablet each day, they can develop less and less of a desire to get outside and get some activity. According to HealthyChildren.org, kids should only be allowed one to two hours of screen time each day. If your kids are getting more than this, consider how you could switch some of this screen time for time spent either outdoors or doing more active play.

Provide the Right Opportunities

Being active and playing can be great fun for kids if they’re given the right opportunities for this. To do this, KidsHealth.org recommends providing your kids with chances to be outside in a safe environment and have access to toys or activities that they’ll enjoy. This could include visiting a park with play equipment or teaching them how to play a sport. You could also try occasional outings that could help them build other physical skills, like skating or swimming. Without having opportunities to play in a way that they’re interested in, it can be hard to convince your child to give up something they love for something that’s good for them.

Make It A Family Affair

If you’re not currently leading a very active life of your own, making this change together could be a great way to help encourage your kids to start being more active. According to Sarah Henry, a contributor to WebMD.com, your kids may be much more likely to enjoy being active when you join them. By making activity a family affair, doing activities together can not only strengthen their bodies, but it can also strengthen the bonds you have as a family. Try things like walks, hikes, swimming, playing sports, or even wrestling together. As long as everyone has their bodies moving, being active together doesn’t have to be a big ordeal or take a lot of time or planning.

If you’ve struggled with how to get your kids to be more active, use the tips mentioned above to help you find some new strategies.