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3 Tips for Designing Your Home With Your Kids In Mind

Whether you’re moving into a new home or you’re just looking to redecorate your current living space, it’s always fun to tap into your creativity and design a home that you and your family will love. However, especially for those with kids, it can be hard to know how to strike the balance between your mature tastes and what’s going to be functional and resilient for your kids. So to help you create the perfect home environment for your family, here are three tips for designing a home you’re proud of while keeping your kids’ needs in mind.

Invest In Good Furniture

While this might seem counterintuitive to some, one of the best ways you can make a great home for your family is to invest in good furniture. Now, we know you might be worried that you kids will destroy all the nice things you bring into the house. But if you invest in the right type of good furniture, you can have it last for years and look great the entire time. According to Christine Pittel, a contributor to House Beautiful, a good way to strike the balance here is to get something like a comfortable sofa that will last through quite a bit of wear and tear and bring some class to it by getting beautiful pillows. By doing this, you can get a piece that is functional while also putting some of your own style to it in a way that you won’t be distraught about if it gets a few small stains. If your little ones are particularly messy, you might find it more cost-effective to invest in a handheld steamer to get tougher stains out. 

Choose Decor Both Parents and Kids Will Love

When choosing a piece for decor, you don’t have to fall back on things that will only reflect the children in your home. According to Simona Ganea, a contributor to Homedit.com, it’s easier than you might think to find decor pieces that you as an adult can appreciate in its grace and beauty but can still be interesting to your children. In this vein of thinking, try to find pieces that can strike this balance through light fixtures, paintings, or area rugs that will work for the whole family.

Embrace Patterns, Colors, and Textures

The last thing you want as a parent is to be so worried about the state of your home that you don’t allow your children to live and play in it. One way to help your kids feel comfortable in your home while also adding to the ambiance of the decor, according to Leah Hennen, a contributor to HGTV, is to embrace patterns, colors, and textures. These three things can help add a lot of life and fun to your spaces while also serving to help hide anything accidents or spills that may have taken place.

If you’re struggling with finding a balance with your home decor, consider using the tips mentioned above to help bring out your personality and your children’s personalities within your living spaces.