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3 Signs That You Might Be Depressed

At some point in their lives, anyone can tend to feel a little blue. Whether they’re overwhelmed from responsibilities like work, paying off loans, or have stress in their personal lives, life can start to drag you down sometimes.

The important thing is to know how to recognize the difference between typical stress and full-blown depression. If you’ve been questioning whether you might be clinically depressed, here are some of the warning signs that you should look out for

Inability To Take Care Of Tasks

When someone is depressed, they may find themselves incapable of taking care of basic tasks like taking out the garbage or even just getting up in the morning and getting in the shower. Basic to-dos can drain an enormous amount of energy from a depressed person.

If you’ve been finding yourself incapable of taking care of your basic to-do’s, this might be a major warning sign that you are suffering from depression.

Keep an eye on how well you’ve been able to take care of yourself. If you determine that you haven’t been able to take care of your basic needs for a significant amount of time, you may want to talk to a professional immediately.

Feeling Hopeless

Feelings of hopelessness are one of the biggest red flags of a person that is depressed. Depressed people no longer feel that life is worth living. They assume that anything they try to do will end badly. Overall they have an extremely negative outlook on life

If feelings of hopelessness are taking over your entire train of thought, you should talk to your doctor about which options could remedy this

Irregular Sleeping Patterns

People who are depressed are known for having irregular sleep patterns. Some people find that they have trouble getting to sleep. They stay up all night worrying or fixating on negative aspects of their life. To avoid this, some people could always consider using some cannabis-based products, from, to reduce stress and anxiety. This should allow people to stop worrying, encouraging them to sleep comfortably. That might be worth trying.

Conversely, some people suffering from depression have no motivation to get out of bed. Sleep becomes an escape from reality. Keep a close eye on your sleeping patterns. If they seem out of the ordinary, this may be a strong indicator of depression.

Change In Appetite

Since our bodies and minds are strongly interconnected, our appetites may be affected by the way that we’re feeling. A person who is depressed may find that they’re eating more to fill a void. While others may have a loss of appetite altogether.

It’s important not to let your emotions overrule your eating habits. Otherwise, you might find yourself with serious health complications

If you find that your clothes are starting to fit you much differently, you may want to ask yourself why, and whether it may be emotionally related.