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3 Road Travel Safety Tips To Teach Your Kids

While most parents are always on the lookout for danger that could possibly affect the lives of their children, many parents don’t realize that they put their child’s life at risk almost every day when they get into the car. With the amount of car accidents that take place  , it’s smart not only for you to know how to keep your kids safe but to teach your kids what they need to know in order to keep themselves safe when you might not be around. So to help your kids to look after themselves and learn personal safety when in the car, here are three road travel safety tips you should teach your children.

Be Responsible For What You Need

Whenever your kids get into the car, they should have certain things either with them or already in the car so that they can be prepared in the event that an emergency strikes. According to Monica Bernstein and Ingela Ratledge, contributors, some of these things include water, a first aid kit, and a blanket. In your own car, you can always have these things stocked. But when your child will be in someone else’s car, make sure they know the things they should bring along with them to ensure their own safety at all times.

Encourage More Breaks Than You Otherwise Would

While it might seem counterintuitive, sitting in the car for extended periods of time can be very taxing on a person’s mind and body. Because you’re stuck in the same position and are in the same environment, it’s not uncommon for people to zone out while in the car, which can be very unsafe for themselves and other drivers on the road. So to help keep your kids safe in the car, recommends that you allow your kids to encourage more breaks that you might take on your own. Even if everyone just gets out and runs around the car, taking a break can be just what’s needed to get more energy and focus on the road.

Learn Some Basic Car Maintenance

From a young age, kids can be taught some basics about car maintenance that could help them during road travel in the future. According to, everyone should teach their kids or teens how to check the pressure of a tire and add more air if necessary, how to change a tire when you get a flat, how to add windshield wiper fluid to a car, and how to change windshield wipers. With these basic car maintenance skills under their belt, your kids will be able to help in some basic road travel emergency situations.

To help keep your kids safe on the road regardless of who’s driving, consider using the tips mentioned above to teach your kids about road travel safety.