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3 Clothing Tips for Flattering Your Body During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, one of the last things on your mind is trying to look cute. If you actually look as big as you feel, you might think that any attempt at looking cute will be in vain. However, regardless of how much weight you’ve gained, how far along you are, or how swollen you feel, you can find maternity clothes that will fit great and make you look like the goddess of pregnancy. To show you how, here are three clothing tips for flattering your body during pregnancy.

Embrace The Leggings

While many women dream of looking beautiful while pregnant, what usually takes priority is being comfortable. Luckily, wearing maternity leggings can help you accomplish both of these objectives. According to Angela Tafoya, a contributor to BabyCenter.com, pairing dark legging with a long, flowing top can help you feel comfortable while also flattering your body regardless of how far along you are. Additionally, by picking accessories or focal points that draw attention away from areas you’re concerned about, you can make your outfit even more flattering.

Opt For A V-Neck

For many women, as pregnancy moves through the months, they begin gaining weight in their chest. When this happens, it can be hard to know which shirts will fit you or how to dress your top half. To help with this, Alissa Fagadau Zachary, a contributor to Elle.com, recommends picking tops that have a v-neck. By choosing a top that shows a little more skin around your neck, it will make your top half appear longer and will make your chest look a little flatter and more contained. When the neckline is too high, it draws more attention up to your chest and face, which could make you look much bigger. You might also want to think about what bra will make you look great and feel comfortable while they’re bigger than they usually are. The Get Bra Advice team suggest that you should consider wearing a comfortable sports bra when it gets a little much to carry the extra load.

Go For Patterns or Stripes

Although you might feel that only solid colors will be flattering on your body, Patty Adams Martinez, a contributor to Parents.com, shares that wearing patterns or stripes can actually be very flattering on a pregnant woman. As long as the stripes are small or the pattern doesn’t have too much empty space, wearing fabric like this can not only be flattering, but can also help you feel happier and more confident in your body. So if you see a gorgeous shirt but are worried about how that pattern or stripe will look on your body, remember that these types of clothes can look great when done correctly.

When you’re pregnant, your body is doing some very amazing things. And just because you may not feel as beautiful as when you’re not pregnant doesn’t mean that others don’t find your pregnant glow absolutely mesmerizing. So to help yourself look and feel great during all trimesters, use the tips mentioned above to find flattering clothes for your new form.