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The 2 Most Important Postpartum Fashion and Beauty Must-Haves

When you give birth to your baby you can be incredibly excited about finally reaching the end of your journey. After 9 long months of patience, you finally get to meet your new bundle of joy. As happy of a time as it can be discovering the new life that you have created, it can also be incredibly exhausting.

As your baby learns to adjust to the new world around them, and as your body adjusts from a pregnant state back to being normal again, it can be tough to keep up with feeling like you look cute, let alone even normal.

Being patient with your body in such situations is crucial. Just like countless other moms, regaining your pre-pregnancy body shape can be a powerful confidence booster. An effective option to explore is Mummy Makeover, which generally involves procedures like a tummy tuck and breast lift. These can work together to enhance your body’s appearance and contribute to a heightened sense of self-assuredness.

Alternatively, if you are a busy bee with your newborn, here are the basics to keep you feeling good about keeping up with your looks, even with a full schedule and baby in your arms.

A Good Concealer

Initially, your baby will be waking up every 1-4 hours. This will be exhausting and you may even feel like bursting into tears every now and then wondering when you will sleep again. However, rather than letting it get the best of you, there are a few tricks to cheating your way out of looking like you just stepped out of a zombie movie.

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Therefore, the first place that will give away just how tired you are, is under your eyes. You can mask your tiredness by getting a strong concealer that you should apply in an upside down triangle shape.

This particular shape is known as the triangle of light and will help mask the appearance of dark bags and fine lines. If there’s just one thing you can do for yourself each morning, it should be reaching for the concealer. You’ll look like you slept at least two hours more than you actually did.

Loose T-Shirts

During the first few months of postpartum, your body will be adjusting to its new state. So it’s important to be patient with your form. Initially, you may not be able to put on your old skin-tight t-shirts which reveal every imperfection on your torso.

Therefore, buying a few loose t-shirts are a great way to feel comfortable but also confident. Try to look for shirts which are soft cotton and big enough in the breasts as well, since if you are breastfeeding, you may find are much larger than usual. Pair your loose t-shirts with a pair of comfortable leggings and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!