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A Trip to Fantasy Land: How to Get Your Family Ready For a Disney Cruise

The moment your Disney Cruise is officially booked can be invigorating. Your mind begins to swirl with all of the options of clothing to bring, activities to plan, and even the fun to be had at the pool with the family. There are a few vital items you don’t want to forget and a few key events you won’t want to miss!


Disney offers different styles of cruise liners with varying amenities. Within the ships are cabins and each will vary in size and special features. The more features, the more expensive the booking will become. This is also true with the size of the cabin. A detailed disney cruise ship guide is an excellent resource for finding the cruise liner that will meet your family’s needs.

Tip: Make a folder for all your information related to the trip. Start the folder with a list of everything that will need to be taken care of. Add documents and updates to check off as you go.

Know Your Destination

The offboarding selections are aplenty and most pick a tropical excursion, such as in the Bahamas, but there are Northern cruises as well. Make sure to note what the season will be at your destination during the trip’s timeline. Saving money by going on an off-season trip is achievable, but there may be certain activities at the destination that will not be open off-season.

Things to consider:

  • Do you need a Passport?
  • Will you need different money and how much?
  • Do they speak another language there?
  • What exactly is covered by your ticket?

Study Disney Cruise Activities

Various children’s and adult’s activities exist and you can particular review the ones that will make a debut on your cruise. Some of the most popular activities are:

  • Character Experiences – The lovable characters from Disney, Pixar and Marvel that inspire these cruises should be making appearances from time to time. Check the itinerary to see who will be at what events so you don’t miss your favorite one.
  • Live Entertainment – Live shows line the day and night. These are concerts, or even theatre productions.
  • Deck Parties – Deck parties have music and games for everyone- young and young at heart. This is one of the best places to find your favorite Disney Character.
  • Nightclubs and Lounges – There are events just for the adults and most of which take place at night. Beverage tastings, including beers and wines, are available throughout the cruise to keep things interesting day to day.

Many of the fun interactive activities found on a Disney cruise can be replicated in your own back yard for special events. This will save you money on your Fantasy World Entertainment because of options torent fun houses and even do performances. You can book entirely online and they serve broad regions towards the East Coast.


Appropriate documentation will need to be presented at the beginning of your cruise. This is a great time to understand what information you will need at different times of your trip. Depending on the cruise type booked, there are options for off-boarding experiences. Chances are these are in regions that do not require a passport, but the only sure way to make sure is to research accordingly.

Pack Smart

Endless lists exist on strategies that can be implemented to increase the available space in your suitcases or bags. While the length of the cruise may call for many outfits, use your discretion in putting together items that can mixed and matched with other items.

A traveling veteran’s trip is to have plenty of spare room in your suitcase for special purchases you will want to purchase along the adventure.

The corridors of the cruise line will be a moderate, comfortable temperature. Each person considers different temperatures preferable, thus always bring clothes that are great for layering. A jacket will prove convenient, even if traveling tropically.


Set aside a specific amount of money that you would like to spend on your family excursion.

Emergencies can occur, so extra money beyond your planned spending money is necessary.

Everything may seem expensive, but it is all dependent on the type of package you purchase. There are some ways to save on Disney cruises and how secret methods can increase the value you get.

Familiarize Yourself With Rules

There are guidelines that Disney presents to those who will be journeying on a cruise. There is a strict no-alcohol policy for many day time events. Certain areas are off limits to travelers for a reason. Intruding on the backstage area can spoil the Disney magic and some areas may even be dangerous for passengers to access.


It is vital to teach your family safety protocol during the cruise. The experience can be unforgettable and full of fun adventures, but in the unlikely event of an emergency, it is best to be prepared. The safety options on the cruise lines are efficient, but there are always variable situations which can spontaneously occur.

If you have small children educate them on dangers of stranger interaction, but try not to make them afraid of the cruise. Attentive Disney personnel are there to supervise, but educating your children on safety always helps in preventing dangerous situations. Always keep your children under responsible and trusted adult supervision.

Know the Time-Frames

One thing your family does not want to do is miss the ship. The time frames will vary depending on your booking, but it is best to prepare ahead and plan on arriving at least 30 minutes prior to the ship’s departure. Even if you are capable of doing things quickly, understand the lines may not go as fast as you would like. This goes double for the traffic between your hotel and the docking station.

A way to avoid the spontaneity of traffic, or at least get it to a minimum, is to book a hotel the night prior that is within reasonable distance to where the cruise line will depart.

A Vacation to Remember

A Disney Cruise can quickly become all you think about after it’s booked. Fill the anxious time with great to-do lists that make your planning more efficient. Practice safety procedures and even implement smart packing techniques to help the trip run smoothly. The most important tip to remember is to have fun on your family’s one-of-a-kind Disney adventure.