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Scientists cook up self-cleaning kitchens

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Scientists have come up with the ultimate dream kitchen — one which is capable of self-cleaning and destroying bacteria without a hint of soap or sprays.

Blooming lovely. The hot garden trends

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Traditional flowers are back in fashion, as are pods, fairy lights and firepits

Spring cleaning — my Not Good Housekeeping guide

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This is the time for spring cleaning. You can’t escape it. Spring cleaning tips here, spring cleaning tips there.

The spring garden makeover guide

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The latest floral and furnishing trends for your backyard

Pussy power! How to make your cat do what you want

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Scientists concluded this week that cats are as clever as dogs. Behaviour expert Dr Sarah Ellis explains how to use their intelligence to fix common feline problems

Smugglers wrap newborn puppies in clingfilm for 30‑hour journey

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Under-age puppies are being brought into Britain without proper vaccinations and health treatment because of the demand for fashionable breeds.