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What is phonics?

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Phonics is a way of teaching children how to read and write. It helps children understand different words and allows them to distinguish one word from another

Why Should You Go Through Past SATs Exam Papers with Your Pupils?

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Whether completing Key Stage 1 or taking their final A-Level papers before university, examinations can be tough for any student. At any level, it should be seen

Easy Steps to Improve Your Child’s Sequencing Skills

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You might not have heard about sequencing skills, but they are vital if your child is going to properly develop their reading skills. Essentially, sequencing skills are

Tie, 4 Easy Ways to Pick the Right Books for Younger Children

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As we grow older, we develop our own interests in books and don’t need anyone to pick out books on our behalf. Unfortunately, children aren’t so lucky.

Universities should guide all learners towards a better future

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A key focus of the Department of Education and Skills’ Action Plan for Education 2017 is to improve the educational outcomes for learners at risk of education

Education needs a revolution, not just more cash

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We are still stuck with a school system that fails to cater for two thirds of young people